Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Online complaints?

When Major Anderson arrived home for work yesterday, I was quick to inform him that the blog had gotten a comment from the HW's blogger. It even came through on my cell phone! (That was pretty much the highlight of the day, since I had stayed home with Baby Valentine while daycare was closed. She doesn't do much except repeatedly drop her ball, to watch me pick it up. Which I also told Maj. Anderson about...)

He said, "That reminds me! I forgot to tell you about a news story I heard." So he told me about the couple getting banned by Royal Caribbean cruise line for their message board comments. How strange! I'm not into cruising, and am not familar with these cruise boards, but if they're anything like the Dis Boards I go to, it sounds like the Morans would be decent posters! They might be griping, but they had all kinds of details about their trips. That's the stuff I like to read when I'm getting hyped up to go somewhere. Besides, it sounds like they got flamed when people thought that they were scamming the cruise line.

I really think it sounds kinda fishy for the cruiseline to ban if they can't take the criticism. Couldn't they have just relied on loyal, satisfied customers to defend them on the boards?

Now I'll prolly get banned. Guess I'll take my first cruise on Norwegian with the Morans. I just hope I don't get banned from WDW or Holiday World!

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