Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Dining With an Imagineer

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can dine with an Imagineer at the Brown Derby Restaurant.
When you first arrive at the restaurant, you are given name tags that resemble Disney employee’s name tags. You are then given a short tour of the restaurant. The manager explains everything about the restaurant that you could possibly imagine.
After the tour, you eat in the Bamboo Room. It is designed to resemble the cocktail room at the real Brown Derby Restaurant.
The first course is a soup. It varies on what kind. You choose your main course from menus with your name on them. The meal is very elaborate. The desert is usually grapefruit cake.
After the meal, the Imagineer signs souvenir plates for you to take home.
There are many interesting stories that the Imagineer tells during the meal.
I definitely suggest taking this great opportunity.

I am so jealous...
Me too. Grapefruit cake sounds good.
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