Thursday, August 02, 2007


Christmas Party vs. Halloween Party

Magic Kingdom hosts the Halloween Party and the Christmas Party. They are both good parties, but in their own way.

The Halloween Party is my favorite because it has free candy. Around the park, there are candy stations that are a waste of time. You have to wait in line to get a handful of candy. If you leave towards the end of the party, there are huge carts full of candy from witch you fill your candy bag.

At the Christmas Party, you can go to Tomorrowland’s Terrace Noodle Station to get free cookies and hot chocolate. They definitely taste good, but you can’t dress up like at the Halloween Party.

At both parties, you can watch a parade and fire works, as well as ride the rides. Both parties are lots of fun.

I totally agree with preferring the Halloween Party over the Christmas party. While the Christmas Party is beautiful and sentimental, there is really nothing more fun that dressing up in costumes and enjoying the candy in Mickey's House!
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