Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Onsite vs. Offsite

Many people think that there is not much of a difference between staying onsite (Disney hotel) and staying offsite (non-Disney hotel). There is a difference. Onsite is way better. The value resorts are better than staying off site because not only because of the Disney Atmosphere, but because of customer courtesy and buses.

The Disney Atmosphere is extremely exiting especially upon check-in. The rooms at Disney resorts have Mickey Mouse and other different characters everywhere. The pools are shaped in fun ways. A pool at Pop Century Resort is shaped like a bowling pin and has racks of bowling balls. There are giant yo-yos, pop cups, and magician’s hats in which stair cases run through at the end of buildings. Note: there are elevators. The offsite hotels are sometimes nice, but they are not all as clean. We once stayed at a hotel that was offsite and found a brownie on the floor and trash on the balcony.

The customer courtesy is much better at Disney because the employees are more energetic, polite, and helpful. The offsite hotels' employees aren’t as courteous.

The buses at Disney come every 20 minutes to every Disney location. They are almost ALWAYS on schedule. If not, another bus will come. The buses from the Disney resorts do NOT run to other Disney resorts. At some hotels, a Mears shuttle is supposed to come every 30 minutes, but is almost always off-schedule. It also has to go to all of the other hotels on its long route. It is not at all reliable.

Staying onsite is way better than offsite in my opinion. That is what we always do.

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