Thursday, August 17, 2006


How we always end up in Value Resorts

It's that time again...the family has started gearing up for the October trip. We've started purchasing airplane tickets, and Colonel Graff has started sketching out the plan for hotel rooms. Ever since the second year, we've had a recurring debate over upgrading out of the value resorts, but we always settle it in favor of staying on the cheap.

It goes like this...I try to convince Colonel Graff that we should upgrade. It's not hard, because she has visited some of the other resorts so she knows how nice they are. Her personal favorite is actually the Contemporary, because that is her favorite style of design and she loves the modern furniture and art. Keep in mind that we've only been in the lobby. But we sat in the furniture. Good times...

The nice thing about her liking the Contemporary is that then Locke trifles with the idea. He considers it, because he likes the close proximity to the Magic Kingdom and the fact that a form of transportation runs right through the middle of it. So as soon as I get them both thinking, I try to switch it up. Nothing against the Contemporary, but I've got my eyes on something else.

I usually throw out a few that can be easily discarded...Caribbean Beach just seems like a beach resort, or Key West just seems like a Key West Resort. At least when you're trying to find excuses not to upgrade, you can tell yourself that. So then I try this, "What about Animal Kingdom. It's sooooo nice." We've eaten there and toured their gift shop. We've scammed peeks at their animals and snatched a minute in the rocking chairs out back by the fire. We've found their hidden Mickeys, even the really hard one in the ivy. I firmly believe that it's high time we stay there.

So Colonel Graff and Locke consider it each year. Even though the first time I mentioned it, the discussion did not go my way at all. Locke was interested enough that we ran to the computer and priced it online. We needed two or three rooms and were staying a pretty long time. The price quote was several thousand dollars. Locke screamed, "We could go on a REAL SAFARI to Africa for this price!!" Which was technically true, but I stumped him by saying, "Yes, but do you WANT to do that?" Either way, the upgrade was definitely out of our price range.

After that little attempt, we booked our value resort and upon check in, one of them threw a book on the pillow for me as a little surprise. It was titled "African Safari on a Budget." One of them had picked it up on a discount rack, of course.

So we just had the debate again. It was just Colonel Graff and me on the phone, and she mentioned discount codes. I said, "Oh, that would be so great to upgrade." And she said, "Oh, it would! But you know I'll never do it, right?" Posted by Picasa

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