Monday, April 03, 2006


WDW podcasts?

I've decided to start looking for a pod cast dedicated to Walt Disney World. In the hopes of providing info to our readers, I'm documenting this process here.

Alright, I started with The Meandering Mouse. The podcast starts out really really bad. He opens the show with a skit that sounds like it's being performed by an elderly Elmo. In the one I listened to, the character (geriatric Elmo) was gunned down, so this podcast is not for children. The meat of the show though follows. He records the sounds of the park while he's visiting. This has the potential to be wonderful; I thought, "Oh good, I'll close my eyes, sit back, and pretend I'm in the park. However, the illusion is spoiled by him talking over the recording. It's so annoying that it's not worth it, if I were in the park next to this guy I'd have to walk away. His comments like "...this sucks..." and "Hey, you're short," really make the recording unbearable. In fact, I couldn't make it all the way through the podcast. I only recommend this podcast if you're absoultely desperate for a disney fix. While this podcast is at least dedicated to parks, it's split between both DisneyLand and WDW.

I didn't know what to expect from the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod podcast. I had hopes it would be podcast dedicated to WDW. I chose the most recent episode (#9) for my review sample. He starts with some listener comments and general chatter about podcasts, previous shows, and a disney find at a local book sale. He specifically says that it's not a park podcast, my interest fades a bit, but this episode would be a Magic Kingdom show. The show is purely talk about the Magic Kingdom and whether or not certain rides fit into the theme. He's got a pretty good voice, but the show is really rather boring. In general he's trying to cover all things Disney, so this podcast doesn't fit my needs. I can't really recommend this one either.

Well just listening to these two podcasts have bored me to the point where, I'm thinking of calling off the search. We'll see how it goes, I'll try to provide a review of a few more later this week.

Have you tried the official WDW podcast? What exactly were you looking for in a podcast? News? WDW Travel Tips? UN-official Disney podcasts tend to cater to niches of listeners.
I would have to say congratulations. You managed to piss off an entire forum's worth of people with this. Don't believe me? Copy and Paste the URL into the URL bar:
I post an honest review of what I thought of the podcast and that upsets people on an internet forum? Wow, that's a shocker.

I didn't actually seem to upset the podcasters themselves, just their fans.

In fact their fans call me "a [deleted] idiot", "a 'nightmare customer'", "a 'DF'", "an idiot" (again), and "closed-minded."

In addition they say, I have not "a clue about Disney Podcasters", "no sense about what Disney is about", and I apparently "never heard a podcast in [my] life, or [know] what a podcast is."

Really, who should be upset here? The person getting called names or podcaster who got one bad review?

The podcaster (Jeff) says it best: "I realize my show isn't for everyone." Well, it's certainly not for me...
I rather like the Meandering Mouse myself, but it is what it is. Have you tried Inside the Magic? and click on Inside the Magic. Very professional and quite informative. It is about the parks, but it doesn't usually have park audio.
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