Sunday, April 02, 2006


A train I don't hate

The Tommorow Land Transit Authority (TTA) is one train that I don't hate. It departs from the Rockettower Plaza in Tommowland at Magic Kingdom. I recently found out that some people don't ride it when they are in Tommorowland. I can't imagine why.

My family spends a lot of time in Tommowland, bouncing between Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. And we often climb up that weird slanted escalator behind the Lunching Pad to take a ride or two on the TTA. Although I've heard that there is sometimes a 5 minute wait during busy seasons, we have always been there when we can walk right into one of the little blue train cars. There is a good photo op of the castle soon after you depart, but you have to be ready for it. We have even asked a castmember if we could stay on the ride and take another turn for another chance at snapping that shot.

The TTA actually takes you inside the bigger rides in the area, giving you a chance for a whiff of air conditioning if you need it, and a cool breeze during the speedy parts. It's really a good way to take a load off, especially if you're getting into a black hole of despair from not eating, for those of us who don't like popcorn and turkey legs, which seem to be the only two food offerings in the retro-future.

This is a good time to find a hidden Mickey, if you're into that...there is one on the alien lady who is getting her hair done in one scene. The best thing I figured out lately about the TTA is that riding it at night gives you a whole new look at some of the things, particularly Space Mountain. Since your eyes don't have to take time to adjust at night, you get a really good view of the tracks of the coaster. If you like to punish your fellow TTA riders, snap a flash photo as you're going through some of the darkened tunnels. You'll end up with some delightful memories.

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