Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Starring Roles

The little corner bakery behind the Tip Board at MGM is not exactly a hidden jewel. Most people probably behave normally at MGM and take a chance to look around once in a while. However, in my family, we normally head straight to either the Tower of Terror or Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, fastpass one, ride the other, fastpass one, ride the other, fastpass one, take a bathroom break, peel Colonal Graff off the window of the ice cream shop, and continue the rotation until someone convinces us to head to Star Tours.

So imagine my surprise recently when Locke and I took a minute to look around MGM. I thought this place was really cute. Strange crowd management, but that happens sometimes. Locke got something banana that looked delicious and I chose a little Key Lime Pie. We sat on a bench outside the Villians store to eat our snacks and drink some coffee.

I would have been happy had the story ended there. It was a rich dessert, so I offered a bite. As I held it up to offer it to him, a breeze kicked up and a nasty ball of zebra hair from Animal Kingdom flew right into my pie. Who ever thought that clumps of loose hair fly randomly through the air, especially at Disney? But of course, that wasn't the fault of Starring Roles. I would definitely go back next time I can break the thrill ride cycle.

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