Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mouse World Radio

On my quest to find a good WDW specific podcast I came
across,, and have to say that
it's a little closer to what I was looking. First, the
annoying parts. The site trys to get you to download
their software; the site looks like it was made in
1995 and never updated; and it's still not just
ambient park noise which I think is really what I'm
looking for. On the good side it does give me some
feelings of actually being there because most of what
I listened to sounded like it was recorded off of the
"help" channel they show in the Disney resorts. So,
listening to it made me feel a little like I was on
vacation. While we're at WDW we tend to keep the TV
tuned to this "help" channel so that we can get the
park hours, and any other general WDW info we might
need. This podcast didn't make me feel like I was in
the park, but it did remind me of a Disney resort. I
think it's the best of the lot that I've reviewd thus far.

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