Monday, April 17, 2006


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

The best store ever is the Japanese store at Epcot.

I'm sure it's obvious that all the stores in Epcot are overpriced. Not only could you buy the stuff cheaper in the country it's imported from, but you can usually even buy it cheaper elsewhere in the United States. But when all the stuff you love is right there together, neatly organized by kind Japanese cast members, you can't help but get lost in here. When I fell back in love with Monchichis here several years ago, Locke researched them on the Internet and ended up saving a couple of bucks and buying me one online for a gift.

We have purchased a great deal of stuff in this store, and have spent hours window shopping in this store alone. I have spent several years agonizing over the origami fish on a butcher block. I think it's around $8. Seems expensive for fish that you have to cut out and assemble, to just look at. Every year, I do buy some of the dinnerware and have it boxed up to lug back home. Locke buys whatever toy robots he can find. Most everyone else in our group buys purses, clothes, slippers, chopsticks and lucky cats here too.

This is also where we happened to be when we were singing "Mr. Roboto" (I'm sure they get that a lot) and Colonal Graff piped up with, "That's that one electronic song that they released in the 80s!" She somehow missed the whole rest of the electronic music movement, I guess.

I really can't wait to get back to this store again. I like most of them, but this is a must see for anyone who is in Epcot. And even if you don't like the stuff in the store, at least it's air conditioned.

You people need to visit some other places. Try the Grand Canyon!
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