Sunday, March 26, 2006


Camping at Fort Wilderness

Until recently, I didn’t think camping and Disney World really went together. But when my brother and I got desperate enough for a trip in February, we decided to see how cheaply we could vacation in Disney. We considered various ideas, including sleeping in a rental car or in the airport, and decided on a $44 (tax included) a night site at Fort Wilderness Campground.

This place is awesome, but in a very Disney way. The actual campsite was immaculate, and it was raised and level, with finely crushed seashells as a groundcover. I’ve done mostly backcountry camping, where it’s common to pay about $12 a night to camp, so it seemed luxurious to have a water faucet and an electrical outlet right at our site. But if you are looking for a true nature experience, this is not it. Take a photo tour of the campground here.

Friendly campers discuss all related topics on the Trip Planning Forum at Our neighboring campers all found it odd that we had hauled in a tent, but had come without a car. On the DisBoards, you’ll find that this approach is possible, but highly unusual.

The real highlight of any Fort Wilderness experience is probably the Hoop Dee Do Revue, but since we were on a tight budget we settled for the lesser known experience. The Electrical Water Pageant comes by the Settlement Dock at 9:45pm each night, weather permitting. This kitschy event draws a small, excited crowd, but if you expect to be under-whelmed by the display, you’ll have a great time.

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