Saturday, May 06, 2006


Vacation Other Than Disney World? Why?

Party From Saturn
I've been trying for about six months to plan a "regular" vacation for our family. We all thought that we should vacation someplace other than WDW to see how we like it. (Not that we are giving up our annual trip to WDW.....we will still be going.) This vacation is in addition to going to the House of Mouse. It's hard. It's very hard. When I am online and looking at pictures of hotels and their amenities I think to myself "There's no theme, no cute characters". When I read about a hotel's restaurant, my thought is "It might have some mighty good food cooked by a well-known chef, but does it have Cinderella"? When I check out pictures of the tropical decorations in the rooms, I think "Nice, but it's not mouse ears".

The hardest part of all is that when I am planning the details of our Disney trip, I always email the other family members with the details as they are worked out. This always seems to generate a flurry of emails back and forth about the excitement and anticipation of the trip. Some of the emails get positively giddy and we work ourselves into what we like to call A Disney Frenzy. That doesn't seem to be happening with our non-disney trip. When I email questions or comments to the family, their answering email is usually along the lines of "Whatever you think is best is ok with us" or "Yeah, that sounds fine". I'm thinking that next year if I'm still the planner, I might just plan a trip to WDW and not tell anyone. I'll just let them think that we are going on a quiet beach vacation and surprise them at the last minute. I bet I'd see some Disney frenzy then.

you should go out west like the grand canyon
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