Monday, April 03, 2006


Hollywood Scoops

Our family loves The Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's RocknRoller Coaster!
One of the perks of loving these two rides is that there is a wonderful little ice cream shop (Hollywood Scoops) located conveniently between the two rides. The family can fast-pass the ride with the longest wait and then run to the other ride and stand in line. By the time we have enjoyed the ride, it's almost time for our fast-pass to be used. We like to stop at the ice cream shop between dashes between rides but we sometimes have a bit of a problem. Hollywood Scoops has the oddest operating hours in MGM. This little ice cream shop does not open until noon!! It doesn't matter that a person can order and munch on turkey legs or french fries at 10:00am; they aren't going to be licking an ice cream cone. The shop will never cave in and open early even if an entire family stands outside the window with their tongues hanging out. So if you happen to be in the mood for ice cream and it's after noon, be sure to stop in at Hollywood Scoops.

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