Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Saving on Souveniers

A great way to keep the Disney magic at it's peak and save money at the same time is to always be on the lookout for Disney merchandise. Check out second-hand stores and Goodwill stores to find things like Disney tshirts, purses and bags, and knick/knacks. I once managed to outfit our entire family in Disney tshirts that were purchased for a fraction of the original price just because someone bought Disney stuff in the spur of the vacation moment and later donated it to be resold. One family member has a great Mickey jacket, another has a Mickey travel bag, and all of us have tshirts that were gently worn and broken in before we got them. I also have Mickey Mouse picture frames. Having souvenirs and memorabilia before the trip is a good way to get into the Disney frenzy. You already have Mickey clothing that can be worn while meat shopping for the trip or for just sitting around reading Disney message boards. If you board the airplane wearing a Mickey Mouse tshirt along with matching sweatpants, carrying a Mickey travel bag and wearing Mickey earrings, someone is going to notice and comment, giving you the perfect chance to gab about Walt Disney World!

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